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Career and Volunteer Opportunities

Come work with us and help drive our urban agricultural presence in the DC area!


Honeybee Removal Specialist

Don Francis

Job includes removals of honeybee colonies from residential and commercial structures. Specialists are expected to work autonomously on assigned job sites and may be required to work off of ladders, man lifts, and scaffolding. Our company is a professional organization with a strong reputation for customer service. We are looking for a highly motivated, eager and hard-working team member to join our team

Professional Beekeeper

Come work as a beekeeper for the Commonwealth Bee Company!  Beekeepers work bee hive inspections routes in the DC area.  They are an extension of our customer service team and provides vital management of our company own honeybee colonies.  Beekeepers manage colonies on a variety of public and privately owned properties. 


Product Specialist

Our Product Specialists are vital to our operation.  Product specialists produce, manage, and sell products from our apiaries.  Produce soaps, cosmetics, wax candles and manage our local honey production and bottling operation.  Product specialists also help with the sales and promotion of our products at local farmer's markets.  

Volunteer Intern

Volunteer interns are the lifeblood of our team.  Interns work in both honeybee operations and our administrative areas so its okay if you do not want to come in contact with bees!  Volunteers assist with much of the day-to-day operations including sales, apiary maintenance, colony inspections, removals, and more!  This is a great opportunity for both students and those looking for a fun summer of amazing experiences.  

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