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Ever wanted live bees on your property, but you just don't have the time or desire to manage them?  Maybe you want to start a hive but want someone to help you out on your property.  We offer both pollination hives with full management contracts as well as services for the beekeeper who needs an extra hand or two around the yard.  
We also offer mentoring and consulting for new and intermediate beekeepers who need one-on-one help with their hives. 

If you have a rooftop or backyard garden, we can provide on-site pollination services that help your garden explode, all while boosting honey bee numbers in your neighborhood.  


We provide a variety of services for the backyard beekeeper. Many of these services can be bundled together for ease of mind and cost savings.  Prices for each of these services vary based on time of year and work demand.  Call today to set up your customized service bundle with Commonwealth Bee.  If you are a business or restaurant click here for business options.


Do you have honey bees living naturally on your property?  Or did a swarm appear near or around your home or place of business?  DO NOT CALL AN EXTERMINATOR.  Let us take the bees safely and transfer them into a hive to help the bee population in our area.  

Apprenticeship Program
Beekeeping Education
Honey, Swag, and Stuff

Are you a new beekeeper who wants to gain more experience?  Are you a seasoned beekeeper who has some time to spare?  Check out our apprentice program to find volunteer opportunities within our company.

Online and in-person beekeeping classes are available throughout the year.  We also offer hands-on beekeeping experiences a few times each season.  

Local products go fast. Click here to see what bee products and swag we have available.  

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