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The same stainless steel drum and basket as our Maxant 31006 unit but with a motor! This motorized extractor is capable of extracting 6 medium or shallow frames radially or 3 deep frames tangentially.


  • TIG welded conical bottom that helps to efficiently drain the honey from the extractor
  • 6-frame (Medium and shallow) 3-frame (deep) laser cut basket
  • 20 gauge stainless steel with extra stiffening support at the top and bottom
  • Direct drive motor with variable speed controller and gear reduction. Runs on 120 V AC power.



  • Works with deep frames
  • Unit is supplied with 1-1/4" Male NPT threaded fitting. A threaded coupling can be used to attach a plastic honey gate (both sold separately).
  • Check out our extractor comparison chart to find the extractor right for you!
  • If you are interested in purchasing this item as a PICK-UP at our store located in Greenwich, NY, please be sure to call first for availability

Possible Upgrade:

  • Pick-up a pair of legs: Leg Kit

Radial vs Tangential What is the Difference?


  • Frames are parallel with the center of the basket. Only the comb facing outward is extracted.
  • Frames must be flipped multiple times to extract both sides and to prevent blowouts where the comb breaks due to the weight of the honey.
  • Better for thicker honey as it's easier for honey to move perpendicular, than to move at a slight angle like that of the radial extractor.


  • Frames face the center at a slight angle so comb on both sides can be extracted.
  • Frames don’t need to be flipped.

Maxant 31006P 6FR Extractor

$1,094.00 Regular Price
$700.00Sale Price
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