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This program is for residential customers.  Breweries, Restaurants and other commercial clients click here

How it works

What's Included

Full management of the honeybee colony installed at your garden or place of business.  The pollination contract lasts 12 months and typically starts in April or May (ending the following April or May) depending on the winter survival rates.  

What do I need to do?

Enjoy your garden!  We will need access to the hives to inspect them and manage them throughout the year.  Inspections typically happen every 1-3 weeks depending on the season.  Inspections during winter months are much less frequent and usually involve checking the hives' food and clearing snow from the entrance. 


Do I get the honey from these hives? 

We offer discounts to our pollination customers but do not guarantee the products from the hives.  If you are interested in purchasing all the products from the hives, pricing contracts can be developed and usually last 3 years.  This is because it rare for a first year hive to produce enough honey for humans to harvest. 

Can I learn about beekeeping from the beekeeper? 

While we are very friendly and happy to answer questions, this service is designed as a primary pollination service.  The idea is our beekeepers are able to get in and out of the property and move on to the next hive.  If you are interested in full mentorship or learning more about bees, check out our educational opportunities!


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