2020 Bee Pickup Day

Please read all instructions carefully

The big day is finally here!  Right now, Pickup day for both nucs and packages is scheduled for FRIDAY, MAY 1st, 2020.  Please recognize that this date is subjected to change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.  Your bees will be placed in their package or secured in their nuc with a final inspection the day before.  Weather may interrupt this final step and delay pickup.  Customers will be emailed directly as the primary form of communication for the days prior as well as the day of pickup.  

Please ensure that your equipment is prepared and ready to accept your bees ahead of the date on this form.  You will need sufficient feed, and at least one deep brood box with enough frames to fill out the box (3 extra frames for 8 frame equipment, 5 extra frames for 10 frame equipment).  If you purchased a 3-frame Nuc, you will still have a total of 5 frames, two being blank.  


Once you have installed your bees, please give them a week before inspecting the hive.  Ensure proper ventilation, feeding, and security (strap down hives) to prevent the colony from absconding.  

Delivery Route


Most of the packages and nucs are being transported from apiaries in central and southern parts of the state.  We are traveling up I-95 with two pre-planned stops prior to the final pickup location in Falls Church VA to accommodate customers in different part of the state.  Please RSVP for only one pick up location.  You may have received an invitation to a specific location based upon your billing address.  You are welcome to sign up for whatever location is most convenient for you.  

In-transit Pit Stop Pickup

If you select to pickup bees at one of the pit stops please remember 2 very important things:

- You need to be checking email and phone text messages the day of pickup for minute by minute updates.  Please arrive in the designated timeline from the last updated email/ text message.  Traffic and weather may change the timing of pit stop arrivals.  

- If you purchased a NUC, we will not be opening nucs for inspection or transferring nucs from transport boxes to your personal nuc boxes/ hives at a pit stop.  If you did not purchase the nuc box it will need to be returned to Commonwealth Bee Co at a later date.  You can schedule the logstics of this at pick up.  


Pick-up Locations

Main Pick-up Location:  Falls Church VA

Commonwealth Bee Company

7000 Lee Park Ct, Falls Church VA 22042

This is the main pickup area for all NoVa Orders.  Customers wishing to transfer nucs into their equipment can do so here.  When you arrive, you can park in front of the house or along side Slade Run Dr.  Please keep in mind this is a residential neighborhood. 










Pit stop 1: Pick-up Location:  Woodford Va


5205 Mudd Tavern Rd, Woodford, VA 22580

If you select this pick up location, please be there at the designated times.  Check your email and text messages frequently for updates.  No nuc transfers will occur at this location.  If you are going to be late, please contact us at 703-801-2504 via text or call.  

Please note the pickup location and where you should expect to meet the truck.  











Pit stop 2: Pick-up Location:  Alexandria, Va

Landmark Mall 

5801 Duke St, Alexandria, VA 22304

If you select this pick up location, please be there at the designated times.  Check your email and text messages frequently for updates.  No nuc transfers will occur at this location.  If you are going to be late, please contact us at 703-801-2504 via text or call. 


Please note the pickup location and where you should expect to meet the truck.   

Thank you so much for supporting our company with your business and helping our Virginia-based in-state bee program.  We know you have a choice of where you select your bees and we appreciate you trusting Commonwealth Bee Co.  

We are a small company with limited resources, we expect there could be some hiccups and appreciate everyone's flexibility.  

Please note this is not an order page, and any RSVPs for order pickups not on our purchase list will not be distributed.  

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know if the scheduled date needs to be changed?

In a perfect world we will be at the Pickup locations at the times provided.  Weather is the biggest factor that may change this timeline.  We hope to have an idea that there may be some changes 3-5 days out and will confirm if Pickup is a GO the day before.  Please note the transport nuc boxes are made from a laminated cardboard and are not designed to have prolonged exposure to rain.  If need be we can move the nucs into our shed for safe keeping.  

What if I cannot be there on Pick-Up day?

If you are unavailable for pickup day and you have purchased a NUC, please email beekeeper@commonwealthbee.com or call us at 703-801-2504 to schedule a different pickup day.  If you purchased a package, please note that delays in installing the package into your hive may increase complications with queens and nurse bees.  Contact us if you have any questions.  please text us at 703-801-2504 if you have an issue on the day of delivery.  

I selected to have installation for my bees.  What pickup location should I choose?

If you selected to have your bees installed, please do not RSVP for a pick up location.  We will be contacting you soon to schedule your installation.  Please note installations will occur after the bee pickup day.  Questions can be directed to beekeeper@commonwealthbee.com

What happens if there is something wrong with my bees?

We do everything we can to make sure the bees are handled carefully, packaged safely, and delivered healthy and ready to go.  Rarely are there ever any issues with bee deliveries.  That being said, there can be problems with queens that get damaged during transport.  All NUCs are inspected and queens/eggs are visualized prior to securing the colony in the box.  If you feel you have been given a Nuc that is not queen-right, please contact us within 2 days of pickup.  After 2 days we are not able to confirm proper handling of the bees and would need to take any concerns on a case-by-case basis.  Please note we have not had any customers call us with concerns in previous years.  

Please select a pick-up location and RSVP below.  Only do this if you have already purchased your bees.  If you selected installation do not RSVP for pick-up.  Times, locations, and directions can be found below.  The system will generate a ticket, this is not needed on the day of pickup.  You only need to purchase one ticket per pickup.  

Upcoming Events

  • Fri, May 01
    Commonwealth Bee Company
    NUC Pickup Day: NoVA Pickup- Falls Church, Va
    Main pickup location: Commonwealth Bee Co- Residential Apiary, Falls Church Va
  • Fri, May 01
    Landmark Mall
    NUC Pickup Day: Bee Transport Pit Stop: Alexandria Va 22304
    In Transit Pitstop for customers in Alexandria, Woodbridge, Lorton, and Springfield.
  • Fri, May 01
    McDonalds- Woodford VA
    NUC Pickup Day: Bee Transport Pit Stop: Woodford Va 22580
    In Transit Pitstop for customers in Fredericksburg, Doswell, and other southern points along the 95 corridor.
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