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Come Learn with us!

Taking up beekeeping means you are committing to a lifelong pursuit of knowledge.  As lifelong learners our pursuit of understanding the world of bees will never end.  We offer courses for every type of beekeeper both new and experienced.  Check out our single-meeting courses designed to provide the very basics of beekeeping, advanced management or focused education on a variety of topics in an easy to digest format.  

Want to jump in all the way?  Sign up for our popular Apiarist Course which provides 4 classes with both didactic and hands-on apiary visits!  Course participants will build hives, examine biology, and inspect active hives.  Course participants also get extended seasonal inspections with us over the course of their first year!

Already a beekeeper?  Join our apprenticeship team and volunteer to help other beekeepers and get more experience with our pollination hives and outreach programs.  

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Take a Class

Beginner and advanced courses offered

We offer classes for every level of beekeeper.  These courses are typically offered over a single meeting time to allow for people's busy lives.  Take one at a time or take them all! 



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Visit the Apiary

Come get up close and personal with our Virginia Honeybees

This two hour session will allow you to get up close and personal with some real bees. We will inspect hives, look for queens and talk about the tight knit community of honeybees that makes for a successful colony. Veils are provided for all participants.



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Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb

The Apprenticeship Program

Continue your hands on learning while supporting our outreach program

Volunteer with our team of intern and apprentice beekeepers to build on your experiences and help our honeybees in Virginia!​



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