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How it works

The apprenticeship program is a two-tiered volunteer system which allows both emerging beekeepers and experienced beekeepers to continue to grow and learn at our apiary sites, contracted hive locations and other parts of our business.  



                         level beekeepers are people in their first year or two of beekeeping.  Apprentices must have completed a basic beekeeping course in the last year.  Hands on experience with their own hives is preferred, but not required.  Apprentices are often requested to:

     - Perform basic hive inspections

     - Install packages and nucleus colonies 

     - Feed Colonies

     - Assist with outreach events and classes


               level beekeepers are people in their second to third year of beekeeping and have successfully managed a hive through winter, including feeding, testing and treating for mites.  Hands on experience with their own hives is required.  Apprentices are often requested to:

     - Perform inspections and manipulate hives, frames and boxes

     - Test and treat for mites, small hive beetles, and other pests

     - Feed Colonies

     - Assist with outreach events and classes

     - Winterize hives

     - Splitting and combining hives

     - Queen Management

Commonwealth Bee Co Apprenticeship Application
Are you over 18 with reliable transportation?
Are you able to lift a full Deep box at full population which may weigh in excess of 80lbs?
Select which tasks you have completed SUCCESSFULLY WITHOUT SUPERVISION

Thanks for submitting your Application. Our team will be in touch shortly!

Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb

Frequently Asked Questions

Oversight and Workday

Apprentices are placed with an intern or company apiarist for 6 colony visits to be "checked off" on the competencies needed to meet the needs of our operation and the expectations of our customers.  Interns are usually checked off over 2-3 visits.  Once competencies are completed, you may be asked to provide those services on your own.  Apprentices and interns commit to a season (March- November) and should expect to provide 1-4 days of availability each week.  


The apprenticeship offers hours of hands-on beekeeping experience throughout a given season! The nature of the apprenticeship will require its apprentices to have flexibility in their schedules. While apprentices are not required to attend all service calls, the actual timing of calls can change—sometimes with short notice—due to weather, the changing needs of the bees, and traffic conditions in the City. We do ask that apprentices are available for 2-5 service calls per month.  Availability and signups are managed through our digital scheduling software.  


Outside of the necessary PPE and inspection equipment, there are no costs to join our apprenticeship program.  Our managed apiaries have on site inspection equipment stored at each yard, however many contracted hives will require the apprentice beekeeper to bring their own inspection tools with them.  

Utilize Hive Tracks' State-of-the-art technology to record inspections

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